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1/2 c. water
1/4 c. turpentine
2 tbsp. liquid dishwashing detergent

  Combine all ingredients in tightly covered jar; shake vigorously to mix.  Paint over any newspaper picture or story; blot gently with paper towel.  Place clean white paper over newsprint.  Rub evenly with small roller or back of spoon.  Peel off paper carefully.  Picture will appear in reverse on white paper.  NOTE: USE IN WELL-VENTILATED ROOM.  THIS ACTIVITY FOR OLDER CHILDREN ONLY- NOT FOR USE BY SMALL CHILDREN.



3 tbsp. water
36 drops of tincture of iodine
1 tbsp. cornstarch

  Mix water and iodine in small jar.  Stir in cornstarch gradually.  Store tightly covered.  Ink is blue-black.  Let dry completely.   Wipe off with soft cloth.


  Mix 1 cup water, 1 box of cornstarch and several drops of green food coloring. Spoon into plastic sandwich bags or jars.  Label items warning that this is messy stuff play, use only on easy to clean surfaces



6 tbsp. salt
6 tbsp. water
6 tbsp. laundry bluing (in laundry dept. at grocery store)
1 tbsp. ammonia
5 or 6 pieces charcoal
Food coloring
A glass container

  Adult supervision is needed with ammonia!  Mix salt, water, bluing and ammonia in a large bowl.  Put charcoal in an old glass bowl.  Pour mixture over charcoal.  Sprinkle drops of food coloring for color.  Set container in a warm place and do not move it.  It will continue to grow crystals until all liquid is absorbed.  (You can make several small gardens in glass jars, dividing the liquid over them.)



1/2 c. liquid hand soap
1 c. epsom salt
5 drops glycerin
Few drops of food coloring
Few drops of fragrance

  Mix well, shake right before using.  Pour into bathtub while water is running and enjoy.



Large (32 oz.) plastic drink bottles,  empty
2 or 3 small plants
Artificial flowers or bugs
Small stones
Potting soil

  Soak the bottle in very warm water for a few minutes.  Then empty it, pull off the colored bottom part and peel off the label.  Clean the glue out of the bottom part.  Put a layer of small rocks in the bottom part.  Put potting soil over the rocks and then put in your plants.  Be sure to press the roots of the plants down.  Add more soil around your plants to fill the planter.  Arrange pretty stones, tiny sticks, or tiny toy animals around the plants.  Use a sharp knife to cut the top off the clear part of the bottle (about 4" from the cap).  Turn the clear part upside down.  Slip the cut edges into the planter to make a dome top.  You can glue an artificial flower or bug to the dome for decoration.



1 c. Epsom salts
Measuring cup
2 jars with lids
2 colored of liquid food color
1 pretty 8 oz. jar
A few drops of your favorite perfume
1/2 yard of ribbon, 1/2" to 1" wide

  To make these good smelling bath salts, first measure 1/2 cup of Epsom salt into each jar with a lid.  Add 15 drops of food color to each jar, one color per jar and put on the lids.  Shake the jars until the Epsom salts are dyed evenly.  If you want your colors to be darker, add more food color and shake again.  Take off the lids and let the salts dry overnight.  Now, make sure your pretty jar is all clean and dry.  Then pour the dyed bath salts into the jar, alternating colors (you may want to get colors that go together well).  Add a couple of drops of perfume to the bath salts, put on the lid and tie the jar with your pretty ribbon.  Now you have a really nice present to bless someone with.



Old crayons (bits and pieces)
Muffin pans
Muffin cup liners or "non-stick" spray

  Peel crayons.  Line/spray muffin pan.  Put crayon pieces in muffin cups.  Separate colors for single color chunks.  Mix colors for rainbow ones.  Bake at 200 degrees until melted.  Cool, peel off liners if used.


3 parts dish detergent
3 parts water
2 parts glycerin
Food coloring (optional)



2 tbsp. powdered Tempra paint
1/2 c. water
1 sm. waxed paper cup
3 tbsp. plaster of Paris

  Mix paint and water together in the cup.  Slowly add plaster of Paris, stirring until creamy.  Let set until hard (about 1 hour); peel off cup.  Can be used indoors or out.



Brown bag
Non-toxic paint
Shallow container

  Cut sponges into a variety of shapes.  Pour paint into shallow container.  Dip sponges in paint and decorate paper bag or paper.



Old glove

  Cut 5 felt circles.  Place an old glove palm side up.  Glue felt circle to each finger tip.  Cut felt pieces to make animals faces.  Glue them to felt circles.  Let glue dry.  Then put your hand inside glove and make your own puppet play.



2 lg. coffee cans
Plastic clothesline or rope

  Have grown up punch two holes near the unopened end of each can.  Thread plastic clothesline through the holes and tie the ends together.  Pull on strings as you walk on your tin can stilts.



Crayons or magic markers
Transparent tape
Typing or notebook paper

  Place your barefoot or hand on piece of cardboard and trace.  Cut out shape and color both sides.  Roll a sheet of paper into a tight tube to make a handle.  Tape tube closed, tape one end to the fan.  You're ready to keep cool.


Magazine picture or map or favorite

  Glue picture on cardboard.  Cut the picture into puzzle pieces.  If state map cut along state lines.  Now try to put puzzle together.


Lg. macaroni

  Dip large macaroni into food colors for a few seconds.  Lay macaroni on paper towel until dry.  Cut yarn long enough for necklace or bracelet.  Wrap end of yarn with tape. String macaroni.  Tie the yarn ends together.

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